Page a Day: January 15th, 2015

Page a Day: January 15th, 2015

Tomorrow’s the big day—but I almost completely forgot about another big event, one that was supposed to happen today. The release of Unsaid.

The film isn’t done, unfortunately. I missed the deadline. But I did open it back up and finalize the edit, then went through and color corrected it. Now it’s off to the sound guy, who will hopefully have a sound mix and music in the next day or so.

But then I tried to do the In Memoriam section of the film. Part of the Kickstarter campaign that funded the film was that at a certain donation level, contributors could get a mention of a loved one who has passed in the film’s credits. There are quite a few of them, with photos and small dedications.

I wanted to start the section off with Mom. After all, she’s the reason I wrote the story in the first place, and then the film. But going through her Facebook for photos of her was just too much. I dissolved, and became completely unable to work any more. Then, in an astonishing feat of mental ineptitude, I forgot that it was 4:30am and called Michelle to let her know the status of the film.

Once again it seems that there are certain wounds that have difficulty healing all the way.

Garrett Robinson

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