Page a Day: January 14th, 2015

Page a Day: January 14th, 2015

The Darkfire cover is done, at least for now. I’m so excited by it. I keep picturing it on an Amazon sales page, showing up in customers’ also-boughts, and how it will catch eyes.

I started outlining as well, though I couldn’t keep going very long because I was drop-dead tired. I still haven’t fully recovered from the insane sleep schedule I adopted toward the end of Mystic.

On another note, I’ve received my first new freelance job from my friend Ashton, who does web design. The first few conversations were very stilted, almost awkward, as he tried to figure out what my skillset was and I tried to figure out what he was looking for. But the first job is almost painfully simple, consisting of embedding YouTube videos in a customer’s website. Shouldn’t take me more than half an hour. If he has more such work, and I can eventually graduate from that to more complicated web design, that could be a solution that keeps us in Los Angeles—or, perhaps, allows us to go somewhere else. After all, I only need an Internet line.

But I’ve got to keep going on Darkfire as well. Once the third—or, even more, fourth—book in the Nightblade Volumes comes out, then I can start really intense hardcore marketing for the series. The first three books, bundled on Amazon. Boxed sets. You name it. So as long as I can keep juggling life while typing out the next book with my toes, maybe we can make this work.

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