PAD 00013 Done Book

PAD 00013 Done Book

I finished my revisions of The Alchemist’s Touch and sent it to the editor, Jason.

That’s pretty cool, but also pretty nerve-wracking. Already I’m wondering if I screwed something up. If I sent the right file, even though I checked it a dozen times. If I should have done another pass before I sent it off.

Maybe one day, I’ll have so much time that I can go through my books endlessly. But right now, a) I don’t have that much time, and b) I tend to over-edit my own books. Setting arbitrary deadlines helps with that, but it’s still my tendency.

That being said, I’m trying to get to the point where my books are written several months ahead of release. Where I can do my final revisions months after writing the first draft, rather than a few weeks. I think it will improve my writing. But maybe not. Who knows? I don’t think you need to take five years to write a great book, but maybe I am going a little fast.

Whatever. I like my books. And I’ll always keep working to make them better.

Now I have to get Matt his files, which are STILL BURIED IN THE DROPBOX FOLDER I CAN’T SYNC FROM ONLINE.

(I’m not frustrated. Why do you ask?)

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