PAD 00011 Crappy Computers

PAD 00011 Crappy Computers

Well. I complained about Meghan’s laptop the whole trip, and then returned to find my own computer isn’t any better.

The first warning sign was when I walked into my office and my computer was on. I turned it off before I left. Not sure how that happened, but there may have been a power brownout. That will always force it to turn back on.

And my Dropbox seems to be broken. Like, well and truly broken. It says there are 180,000 files to sync. And it sits there for hours trying to sync them. The number rarely changes, and never changes very much. And while it’s syncing, it kills my computer. Kills it dead. I can’t do anything. I get the spinning wheel of death. Emails don’t load. It’s terrible.

So. Lots of work to do, including final-final edits on The Alchemist’s Touch. I also still owe my friend Matt his files. And I have no computer.


Also I’m still not shooting or publishing YouTube videos. This is starting to feel really crappy, since I should be making videos for my patrons on Patreon. (Oh, I have a Patreon, by the way. You can check it out at, but I’ve heard that I tend not to always give my patrons the weekend videos I said I would. Fair warning).

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