Page a Day: January 10th, 2015

Page a Day: January 10th, 2015

I’ve almost finished edits on Mystic: Episode Seven, and it should be out early tomorrow morning. One episode left. My god, I can’t wait. Then it’s off to Createspace to submit the final book file, and immediately order a full box of them for shipping on Friday. Fingers crossed it does at least reasonably well—otherwise it will be hard to continue justifying this new lifestyle of ours, even to ourselves.

Now that I have a fire under my ass and the story has progressed so far, Darkfire excites me more and more. I feel like I already know that book cover to cover. Major, major events will take place, but they’re already firm in my mind. And that’s good, because I need to get it done quickly so we can see how the new release tactic works. (I say “new”—it’s actually as old as Midrealm, but never mind that).

I go back and forth day to day. Sometimes I think this is all a terrible mistake and we need to rein ourselves in on what we’re trying to do. Other days, like today, I feel like we’re right on the cusp of stability. And stability will allow us to look outward and plan bigger, better things. For example, if we are doing all right by July, Meghan and I both want to go to VidCon. Right now that hardly seems possible, but in six months, who knows?

Oh, and I made the mistake of crossing my wife in a game of Settlers of Catan last night. Won’t be doing that again any time soon. She was brutal.

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