PAD 00033 Stay On Target

PAD 00033 Stay On Target

Okay, so…things are not together yet. They’re not THERE yet. But they are COMING together. And MAN it feels good.

We still weren’t where we need to be on the writing today. But that’s fine. And I mean that. Because YouTube still happened, and I handed off the next task, which is marketing, so that THAT is able to produce without requiring a lot of work from me each day. It went off today with virtually no hitches.

And the video edits I got back from Hallie were flawless. (Well, I made some changes to one—but that was because of ME, and my rambling. She edited it perfectly). So that’s just…a THING that happens now. YouTube videos on a regular basis. And now marketing will be a thing. And, tomorrow or the next day, print compiles will be a thing. And then I will ONLY be writing.

Tonight, Meghan went out for the evening and had arranged for a babysitter. But then the sitter got sick. Meg was going to stay home, but I told her to go, and I’d watch the kids. So I had dinner with them, and read to them for, like, an hour, and then put them to bed. Which I NEVER do normally. And so for the second time this week, I felt like a not-terrible father. And I LIKE that.

Man. 2016 really is going to be the year I put my life together. And I am so ready.

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