PAD 00032 Delegate

PAD 00032 Delegate

Today was bad and good. Let’s talk about the bad first. I always like to get the depression over with right out of the gate.

We only wrote for two hours today, for a total of just over 3,500 words. That’s not nearly enough. Meghan did help me with the schedule today, like she said she would. But Sean and I have our story meeting/business call on Mondays at noon, and our call today went for more than two hours. That was a huge hit to productivity.


That call was amazing. I got to report on January’s numbers for Legendary—and they were awesome, amazing, fantastic numbers—plus, we talked a lot about the future of the Underrealm books, and I’m so excited to get writing the next ones.

Then I came home and made a training video for someone who’s going to be taking over some of the online marketing I’m doing. Hopefully she’ll start in on it tomorrow. And that’s another 45 minutes’ worth of work shaved off my schedule.

After that I took a nap, because I was exhausted. But then, tonight, I recorded TWO YouTube videos and turned them over to my editor. Which. Felt. Awesome. Now we’re three days ahead of schedule, and tomorrow we should be four days ahead.

The last thing I have to put in someone else’s hands is compiling my print books, and I’m nearly there.

Like I told Sean today: my word for 2016 is Delegate.

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