PAD 00030 No Self Control

PAD 00030 No Self Control

Yesterday was a hell of a crappy day.

I woke up and got right on my iPad. Why? Why did I do that to myself? I had JUST recorded a podcast episode the other day about how I was supposed to stop doing that. And then one thing led to another. I was doing email, I was doing admin, I was doing stats and marketing. I didn’t start writing until the mid afternoon, and then I only wrote for ONE hour. Just under 2,500 words.

Basically, by the end of the day, I actually kind of hated myself.

Meghan could tell (obviously) and she sat me down and had me tell her what was wrong. And when I told her, she decided to help me stick to my schedule. Here’s one thing I know about myself: my self-discipline is terrible. TERRIBLE. I always joke about how, if I could, I’d hire an assistant to sit in my office all day just to smack me if I get off schedule. I’m only half-joking about it, actually. It would be a huge boost to my production.

Now Meg is going to make SURE I’m up in the morning, hold my iPhone and iPad so I can’t use them, and we even loaded Twitch on her phone so she can check in and make sure I’m streaming. Which seems like controlling behavior, except I’m BEGGING her to do it and I’m so relieved.

But…not until tomorrow.

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