PAD 00027 Today We Wrote

PAD 00027 Today We Wrote

Today we wrote.

We got up in the morning, we were very, very bad and checked email and Tumblr before going to the office, but then, yeah, we wrote.

Only 3,000 words today. Nowhere NEAR the 10,000 I want to be hitting every day. But man. It was so good to be writing again.

I also made a YouTube video—link in the show notes.

A bunch of other really, really awesome things are happening. In only 250 words, it’s hard to list them all. But I’ve commissioned an artist to maybe do new covers for Nightblade—covers like I’ve always dreamed of, fully illustrated, with the perfect mood, look, feel, and composition. The advertising steps I’ve been taking for Legendary are doing really well and driving a lot of book sales. And books just…keep selling.

Soon there will be three books out in the new series. And then another Nightblade book. And then another new series, and another, and sales and BookBub and all the rest of it. And then, someday not too far away, I’ll finally be packing up my house and moving to Oregon.

It was not a spectacular day—and I use that word very advisedly. There was nothing new, amazing, major, exciting. It was just another day. But another day of writing. Of making a Youtube video. Of doing what I love and making a living at it.

So, maybe a spectacular day after all.

Garrett Robinson

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