PAD 00026 A Book Came Out

PAD 00026 A Book Came Out

Yesterday, The Alchemist’s Touch released. (You can find it here). And I was completely useless all day.

Why, when books release, do we authors sit there obsessively refreshing the sales page? Why do we spend all day on social media waiting for someone to comment or email us or post something on Facebook, just so we can be sure we reply immediately? Do we think it really makes all that big a difference? I think on some level, we know it doesn’t.

In this sense, I think traditional publishers are much smarter than we are. They have their books done months before release. By the time the book comes out, the hardcovers were printed a long time ago. To the authors and the publishers themselves, it’s probably an afterthought. “Oh yeah! That released today. Funny, that. I wonder when reviews will start rolling in.”

I would have loved to just have a completely normal day of production. I tried working in the morning. Couldn’t. Tried making a YouTube video in the afternoon. Couldn’t. I was just watching those sales come in, the page read numbers rise. I couldn’t NOT pay attention to it.

Ah well. It’s first thing in the morning the day after launch, and my world goes on much the same as it always has. Time to write the next book.

Garrett Robinson

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