PAD 00024 Produce ALL THE THINGS

PAD 00024 Produce ALL THE THINGS

Today we did all the things!

We worked on the outline for The Mindmage’s Wrath, we worked on the other project, and we made a YouTube video and scheduled it for tomorrow! Oh, yeah, and we had a really good episode of the We Make Movies Film Geeks Podcast.

When I get into a productive groove, everything gets better. I feel better, my morale is better, and weirdest of all, I get even more productive. Feeling good makes me produce more. Go figure.

Oh, I also rearranged my office. That actually happened yesterday. I forgot to mention it. I’m tucked in a corner of my office now, which I think makes a better backdrop for YouTube videos and also gives me a better writing environment in general. But, there’s not enough space for my microphone stand, so yesterday I ordered a desktop stand from Amazon. It arrived TODAY. On Sunday. No idea how that happened. But it’s awesome. It’s on a boom arm and I can extend it or retract it just by moving it around with my hand.

Okay. Enough boring detail about a new mic stand. Tomorrow we start WRITING The Mindmage’s Wrath, which is just going to be awesome. Seriously, I think people are going to love the Academy Journals’ first trilogy. Or at least, I hope so. I mean, if they don’t, I don’t eat. So. No pressure.

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