PAD 00023 Adding More Tasks

PAD 00023 Adding More Tasks

Yesterday was even better. (Yes, I said yesterday. Last night was a date night, and I definitely can’t commit to doing a journal at the end of the night when I’m out with my wife). Another five-hour stint on outlining The Mindmage’s Wrath, PLUS I wrote another chapter for Matt. If I can keep committing to VlogaNovel every day, and keep adding more things into the schedule, I’ll be on the cusp of being as productive as I know I can be, but rarely am.

I feel like I’m still resisting the new schedule. I want to drift off and do other things. It’s really a job to force myself to do the things I know I need to do per my schedule. But apparently, from what I’ve heard, this is the roughest part of habit-stacking, as it’s called. Eventually you get to the point where the new training pattern is the default, and it’s hard NOT to do it. I hope that’s true because dang, I’d really love to be one of those productive powerhouses I look up to.

The thing that’s always worried me about this is that I know in the future, my life will be different. One day I’ll hopefully be filmmaking more than I’m writing. So building these habits can appear to be wasted effort. But I have to keep in mind that without building up the writing first, filmmaking will never happen.

All right. Here’s to another good day.

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