PAD 00022 Writing Again

PAD 00022 Writing Again

Today was a better day.

For five hours this morning, I worked on a book. And it just felt freaking great.

I was working on the outline for the second book in the Academy Journals. I’d been having trouble with this outline for a while, but today I made real, amazing progress. And there were people in the chat, and we talked about writing, and they gave me some ideas, and it was just top-to-bottom amazing. I’m so glad I did it.

The rest of the day was less productive. I needed a walk after all that time on stream, so I walked. And I talked with my aunt Sybil about coming to see her in Austin in March. And I spent the rest of the day doing email and stuff when I should have written a chapter for Matt and formatted a book and done a book description and then maybe formatted another book.

But I’m taking Sean’s advice. I’m doing one thing at a time, and not trying to do six things at once. If all I can do at first is get in writing time every single day, well, then, that’s fine. Even if it stays that way forever, hell, at some point here I’m going to be able to hire people to do all that stuff.

Well, not all of it. But maybe just one person to sit next to my desk and slap me every time I get off-task. That would help.

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