PAD 00021 Doing Everything and Nothing

PAD 00021 Doing Everything and Nothing

No YouTube video today. No catching up on my compiles and other Sterling & Stone stuff. And no writing done, either.

So, it wasn’t the best day.

I did have a phone call with Sean. We talked about my schedule, and he pointed out something really valuable. I’m trying to do too much right now. I’m trying to catch up on everything at once. But, I’m just handling things as they come in. I’m not keeping to a standard schedule, and I’m not putting structure into my life. I’m making plans for all these things I’m going to do each day, rather than sticking to one consistent thing that I do every day.

I had a schedule before my Christmas vacation that was really helpful. I wake up at 7:00am, don’t do any Internet, and work for five hours. Vloganovel stuff—outlining or writing the next book. I stuck to that schedule for about a week before the holidays started. Then I completely abandoned it when I got back to L.A. So I’m resuming it tomorrow.

As Sean said, it’s okay to be wildly creative on a bunch of stuff and want to work on everything at once. But if you don’t put fences around yourself, you don’t guide your efforts to better production.

Tomorrow should be a better day. And I even think I know what my YouTube video is going to be about. All right. We’ll give it a shot.

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