PAD 00020 A Damn Good Day

PAD 00020 A Damn Good Day

Today was a major leap forward.

Remember how I told you yesterday that someone really awesome agreed to do a podcast interview?

It was Hank Green. And we did the interview today. It was about 45 minutes long. He was SUCH a great guest. If you don’t know who Hank is already, he’s a YouTuber and professional Internet guy and just one of the smartest people. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

IN OTHER AWESOME NEWS, I finally made a YouTube video. It was exclusive to my Patreon supporters, so no link here. But it felt really good to produce one again.

I also pulled the trigger on something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m going to hire a video editor for my YouTube videos. Thinking up and recording my videos takes about twenty minutes. Editing them takes a half hour to forty-five minutes. By hiring an editor for a reasonable rate, I’m cutting my YouTube time expense by more than half. That means I can stay consistent on it more easily.

I also think that knowing I have an editor, and they’re waiting for footage so they can edit the video, will be a powerful motivational tool that inspires me to record videos even if I “don’t feel like it.”

An interview with Hank Green and a YouTube video. Yeah, I should have gotten more writing done, but still. Today was a good day.

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