PAD 00018 DONE BOOK!!!

PAD 00018 DONE BOOK!!!

We finished a book today!

Now, that’s a really good thing. But it also means my schedule is screwed up. I didn’t think I’d be getting The Alchemist’s Touch back until tomorrow. Getting it today meant I had to stay up until a ridiculous hour approving or disapproving the editor’s changes. So as I record this, it’s actually three in the morning tomorrow. Or today. You get the idea.

Still, I’m super excited. This means the first book of the year is DONE. And now I can focus on the next one, while still trying to catch up on all the other things I have to do.

I want to finish the first draft of the second book by the end of January. Then I want to finish the first draft of March’s book halfway through February, and the first draft of April’s book by the end of February. Keep it going like that, and by the time I go to Austin in April, we’ll have written all our books through June. That’s where I want to be.

Still didn’t make a YouTube video today. But I’m going to give myself a pass today. We finished a book. We even published it and everything. That’s awesome.

Tomorrow, more catching up to do! And more getting ahead. Even though it’s insanely late, I feel better than I have since I returned to Los Angeles.

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