PAD 00017 Caveman Podcaster

PAD 00017 Caveman Podcaster

So, now I’ve got a file system. I’ve got a folder on my desktop called “Active Books” where I store the Scrivener files for books I’m actively working on. Then, when I’m done with them, I upload the Scrivener files to Dropbox and delete them from my hard drive.

It’s so hokey. I feel like a caveman.

A caveman with access to the Internet, I guess.

The files for Matt appear to be LOST, so I’m just rewriting them. Yay! Actually it feels good. I’m producing SOMETHING, at least, as opposed to the last few week I’ve been in L.A.

In other news, I’m still not done with the outline for my next book, and I already owe it to Sean. Seems to be the story of my life recently.

Whatever. I am catching up. Soon I’ll be several books ahead of my release schedule. I’ll be making YouTube videos again, and now I’ve got a podcast, too.

I really do think 2016 is going to be markedly better than 2015.

So, Chad and Michelle had to miss today’s episode of the Film Geeks podcast. Michelle replaced herself with a girl I’ve never met before, before I found out Chad was going to be absent, too. So the episode was just me, and some person I had met about 30 minutes before doing the show.

It was surprisingly not terrible.

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