Overnight—Short Film Premiere

Howdy y’all.

Boom, bitches

Boom, bitches

So, I’ve got a little short film called Overnight. Not that little, actually—a good 23 minutes long.

It’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been working on this film for months, and it’s finally premiering next Sunday night at 8:00pm, at a little club in Hollywood called The Three Clubs. This is a very cool club, great people, good staff, and they’ve been honorary members of We Make Movies for quite some time now.

Anyway, this is my first big film premiere. If you know me, and if you’re in L.A., it would just tickle me pink if you’d come. I’m not making any money off the film. I just want to share it with you, and make you laugh.

Hope to see you there. I’ll be showing up at around 7:00pm to start getting drunk (I’m shitting a brick with nervousness right now, so I’ll want to loosen up before the actual film shows).


Garrett Robinson

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