Book One of the Nightblade Epic


An epic tale of adventure, with characters you’ll never forget.

Loren has emerged from the Birchwood forest in the kingdom of Selvan. Behind her are cruel parents who see her as an instrument of labor, and a means to a dowry. Upon her shoulders hangs a noble’s cloak of fine black cloth. And at her hip is a dagger the world has not seen in centuries, the powers of which she does not yet fully understand.

Yet something keeps her from using that dagger to take a life.

Soon she crosses paths with the smuggler family of Yerrin, stealing their most precious treasure and invoking their wrath. Yerrin’s reach is long, and they will not stop until they silence Loren forever.

If she can survive, Loren may become the most infamous thief in the land of Underrealm. But if she fails, she will be only the first casualty in a great war brewing across the nine kingdoms.


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The Nightblade Epic: First Trilogy Box Set

Praise for Nightblade

“An intriguing tale, well presented [with] some intense encounters, graphically described.”
—R. Nicholson, Amazon top 1,000 reviewer

Praise for Nightblade

“…A world so real you can reach out and touch it, peopled by characters with beating heats and cunning minds that breathe realism.”

—Simon Cantan, author of The Bite at the End of the Line

Praise for Nightblade

“Garrett Robinson is a skilled author, particularly when creating interesting female characters. He has oodles of talent and is destined for great things.”

—Shen Hart,