Nightblade Epic Volume 1 Release

Nightblade Epic Volume 1 Release

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

Okay listen, I’m more excited about today’s video than I have been in a long time, so you might want to buckle up.

So over the last couple of months I’ve re-released the first three books in the Nightblade epic, which are Nightblade, Mystic, and Darkfire.

Those three books were what enabled me to become a full-time author and not have to work for someone else or work freelance in order to support myself and my family—after I did ONE more thing.

The one more thing was releasing the three books as a “box set” on Amazon and heavily, heavily marketing that boxed set.

Buying all three books at once gave readers a deep discount, and that made it really easy to market. Advertising on Facebook and Amazon did really well, because it was super attractive to readers.

But I didn’t entirely like the “box set idea,” not least because I didn’t have a physical box set to actually sell people. You know, like this one for the Hunger Games.

And I’m all about those physical books. That’s what I prefer to read, and a lot of readers feel the same way.

Then, in a conversation with a friend, I struck upon an idea that I really, really liked, and it came from my favorite book of all time, which is The Lord of the Rings.

If you went to go buy Lord of the Rings right now, there would be two ways you could do it. You could go and buy the individual books: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

OR, you could go and buy The Lord of the Rings as a single volume. One gigantic book that held all three books within it.

That’s the version of the book I’ve had for almost twenty years now. A massive hardcover edition that I’ve read over and over and over again.

And so I realized: why couldn’t I publish the first three books in the Nightblade Epic as a single volume. Not a “box set” that wasn’t really a box set, but an actual volume.

And the answer, of course, was that I could. And so I did. And it looks a little something like this.

This is The Nightblade Epic Volume One, a massive tome that contains the first three books of the Nightblade Epic, and it’s just—it’s really big.

Like here it is next to just one of the other books in the series. It’s taller, it’s wider, it’s thicker. It’s just BIG.

But I decided to go a little bit above and beyond with this one. If you’ve read The Lord of the Rings, you know that in the back, it contains dozens of pages of extra background material about the world.

So I went ahead and dug through my research notes and worldbuilding documents for Underrealm, and I added fifty pages of additional materials in the back of the Volume.

It contains stories about the history of the world, significant documents, descriptions of the calendar and various magical creatures within Underrealm.

It’s a lot of stuff. Like, here’s how many pages it is compared to the whole book.

Now, like I said, I’m all about the print books. And this is unquestionably the most beautiful physical book I’ve ever produced. And I hope most readers will want to pick up a copy to have it on their bookshelf, because it’s just gorgeous.

However, I’m a book reader myself, and I know that our book budgets can be pretty limited. And I know a decent number of people have probably already bought the individual books in the volume and maybe can’t spring for another one.

So, two things. One, the book is on pre-order right now in all formats. And while it’s on pre-order, the price is discounted for the Kindle and hardcover versions.

If you want to pick it up, you can do that now, and save yourself some money. Link in the doobly-doo.

But also, if you just CAN’T, or don’t WANT another edition, but you do want the extra Addenda in the back, I got you covered.

One week from today, I’m going to give all of that extra material away to my email list, for free, in ebook format.

So if you’ve bought the books, and already read the story, but you want to read the background information as well, make sure you’re on the email list (link in the doobly-doo) and keep an eye out on your email inbox one week from today.

But otherwise, yeah, like I said: if you like physical books, I’ll probably never produce a physical book that’s prettier than this one, except for the future volumes I’ll also be producing, of course.

So again, link in the doobly-doo if you want to pick up this book now. It comes out in just over a week, on March 7th, which is my BIRTHDAAAY!!!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, Rebel. Check out another video from my channel up there, or my Patreon down there. $5 patrons, by the way, get all my books before they release, including this one. So maybe check it out.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you on Monday. Byyye!

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