New T-Shirts

New T-Shirts

I hesitated quite heavily before posting this. But basically, I’ve created four new t-shirts with a new merchandising company I’ve discovered called TeePublic.

Previously, I’d had some merchandise with Cafepress. Well, it NEVER sold, partially because CafePress charged an insane amount for shirts—$25 minimum on t-shirts, and those were for low-quality shirts. Scoop necks, hoodies, etc. all cost much, much more. It was ridiculous.

Teepublic charges $20 per shirt and they take care of all fulfillment and delivery. That’s still a BIT pricey, but it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, I’m hoping their products are relatively high-quality.

I’ve just created the four shirts you see in the image above—one for Nightblade, one for Mystic, and light and dark versions of Realm Keepers (in multiple colors).

Unfortunately I’m not able to order proofs before publishing them online. So now they’re LIVE in the store, and I’m getting some shirts to see how their quality is.

Why, then, am I posting about it now, instead of when I get the shirts?

Because Teepublic has a policy of placing EVERY new shirt on sale for 72 hours, for only $14. This is a bit wonky to me—it means I can’t check out my product before it goes on sale. BUT, since that’s how they do things, I figured it would be a bit douchey of me not to mention it. After all, if the shirts turn out great, you might be upset later to find out you could have bought them at a steep discount.

So if you feel like taking a risk, you can check out the shirts right here. Please note, I have not seen them yet and cannot vouch for their quality. They look pretty good, and many of my favorite YouTubers use Teepublic. But I just have to stick that caveat in there.

The shirts will very shortly go up in price to $20. As soon as I get my shirts in, I’ll report in here on the blog or on my YouTube channel to let you know how good they are.

Thanks, Rebels, and if you DO decide to get a shirt, definitely let me know what you think when it ships to you.

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I think they do the sale because they want browsers to feel the sense of urgency. A lot of the shirts are 'created' by people just whipping up cool shirts and hoping people will buy them. Teepublic hopes that the sale will make them act fast rather than 'come back later' but never do.


Those shirts look great! I'm really impressed by the faces. Your artist rocks.

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