NEW BOOK: Mystic Episode Seven

NEW BOOK: Mystic Episode Seven

Mystic: Episode Seven is released! Click here to get it now!

Here’s the book blurb:

Loren finds herself escaped from Wellmont with Xain and Annis by her side. Finally understanding the wizard’s reluctance to join Jordel’s cause, she has determined to help him make good his escape, and it seems that their time together—and the many adventures they have shared—are nearing their end.

But Xain’s behavior grows ever more erratic, and Loren is filled with a growing sense of danger. And before she can free herself from the wizard’s company, one last trial remains before her. It may cement her role in legend as the Nightblade—or she may die alone and friendless, far from home and forgotten by the nine kingdoms.

Mystic: Episode Seven on Amazon

Click to get it on Amazon

This is the seventh episode of Mystic, the second book in the Nightblade Volumes. To pick up the first volume in the series, visit (where you can get an autographed paperback!).

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