NEW BOOK: Mystic Episode Four

NEW BOOK: Mystic Episode Four

Mystic: Episode Four has released! You can get it right here!

Here’s the book blurb:

After Vivien’s defeat, Loren and her friends draw near to the city of Wellmont. But the shadow of war has pursued her across the kingdom, and she finds the city besieged by foes from the South. Nearly starved, they must find a way into the city or perish from hunger outside its walls.

Assistance from the least likely of places may give them a way in. But they hardly find the city safe, for it is a city at war. With merchants and Mystics hunting them down, and an army battering at the city walls, Loren once again finds herself caught up in a struggle she cannot hope to understand, much less affect. She only has one hope for survival: escape.

Mystic: Episode Four

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This is the fourth episode of Mystic, the second book in the Nightblade Volumes. To pick up the first volume in the series, visit (where you can get an autographed paperback if you prefer print books!).

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