Thrilling Adventure in a Mystical World

Heroic fantasy with gripping characters and action

Nightblade: Episode Five, by Garrett Robinson


Loren has found Xain at last, and must convince him to help her despite abandoning her on the road once already. For Auntie and her pickpockets have joined the constables in hunting them down, and they cannot hope to remain free alone.

The need to find Annis grows ever more urgent. Loren, Gem and Xain must escape the city of Cabrus to freedom once again — or spend the rest of their short lives in a constable’s cell until Damaris can find them…

All her life, Loren has dreamed of becoming a renowned master thief. When she meets a fugitive wizard, Loren sees her chance and joins him. But the world beyond her forest is more complex and more dangerous than she imagined, and she will need more than wit and courage to survive.

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