Thrilling Adventure in a Mystical World

Heroic fantasy with gripping characters and action

Nightblade: Episode One, by Garrett Robinson


Meet Loren, a forester’s daughter from a small village in Selvan. Born to mean, spiteful parents, she’s always hoped to escape and make a name for herself.

When she meets Xain, a fugitive wizard, she thinks her dream may finally come true. But the nine kingdoms are more complicated and dangerous than she could have imagined…

Now, friends and foes will put Loren’s wit and bravery to the test as she becomes the woman she always hoped she would be: Nightblade, the most feared thief in all the land.

All her life, Loren has dreamed of becoming a renowned master thief. When she meets a fugitive wizard, Loren sees her chance and joins him. But the world beyond her forest is more complex and more dangerous than she imagined, and she will need more than wit and courage to survive.

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“An intriguing tale, well presented … intense encounters, graphically described.”

R. Nicholson, Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer

“OK, I’m in for the ride. As always, Garrett’s writing is crisp … an interesting world I’d like to know more about.”

P.S., Goodreads Reviewer

“A stellar introduction into a fascinating tale … a balanced blend of action, suspense and drama — vividly descriptive yet still quasi-vague to impart a hint of mystery.” J, Amazon Reviewer