Mystic: My Worst-Planned Book Ever

Mystic: My Worst-Planned Book Ever

Mystic is here—finally.

Full disclosure: I really screwed the pooch on this one.

Either this is your first time finding me, or you’re sick to death of hearing about my fantasy novel Nightblade. It’s first in a new series. It’s VERY cool. I love it, and readers have, too. Most importantly to me, the series is meant to go on as long as I want to keep writing it, with a new episode every Friday.

Well, that’s where I fucked up.

The first episode of Nightblade published on July 17th. And I was good—REALLY good—about publishing a new episode every Friday. I even started publishing Nightblade episodes in the summer, when I had just taken a job teaching three hours every morning, and I STILL hit my deadlines every week.

Well, when I hit the end of the first book, I shouldn’t have rested on my laurels.

In September, I took a trip to Austin to participate in the World Builder’s summit with the hosts of the Self Publishing Podcast. That was an awesome adventure. But it totally threw my writing schedule out of whack, and it took forever to get back on track.

Then an actress friend of mine did a Kickstarter project for a short film that I was meant to direct. So my world dissolved into pre-production for the film, with even less time set aside for writing.

These were two big fuck-ups, and Mystic didn’t happen.

Not such a big deal—authors delay books all the time (I’m looking at you, George R.R. Martin) but I had SUBSCRIBERS. People who were PAYING for the book every week.

Yeah, majorly not fucking okay.

So last week I decided enough was fucking enough. I took my outline of the book, written up more than a month ago, decided it was shit, and re-wrote the whole thing. Then I wrote the first episode over the course of two days, and I published it yesterday. You can get it on Amazon right here.

How am I going to make up for screwing up so bad?

I’m going to keep writing and publishing an episode every two days. My life is going to be nothing but writing and vlogging until I’m back on schedule.

Once I’m back on schedule, I’ll slow down to an episode every three days. I’ll schedule those out in advance so that the releases just roll off the calendar every Friday.

And finally I’ll step up the advance release of episodes of Mystic. Once I’m back on track, subscribers will get episodes FOUR weeks before they’re available on Amazon. So you’ll be reading ahead of everyone else.

If you’re a Rebel, thank you so much for continuing to read my stuff, and for waiting so patiently for Mystic.

If you’re a subscriber, thanks for sticking with me.

I promise not to let you down again.

Look for the next episode of Mystic to come out tonight.

Garrett Robinson

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