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Here's exclusive behind-the-scenes content about the creation of the book.

Back Story


Back Story is a podcast on the Sterling & Stone podcast network where the authors of Sterling & Stone talk about the creation of their works. In this episode, Garrett and Sean talk about the creation of Mystic—everything from how the idea came about, to the outlining and writing process, to all the work that went into the post-production to make the book ready for publication.

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Want to take your behind-the-scenes experience to the NEXT LEVEL?

I produce all my books on live streaming video on YouTube. You can watch the playlist below, which contains MORE THAN SIXTY HOURS of video, and is the video diary of taking the book Mystic from concept to published work.

(Quick note: Vloganovel was brand-new when I did this. I didn’t know if people would like it. I wasn’t adamant about capturing EVERY moment of the book’s creation. In this playlist, there are gaps in the production. There is no video of the very beginning. Sorry about that. But based on how Vloganovel has grown in popularity, I now FULLY document all my work.)