My New Page a Day Project

My New Page a Day Project

Good morning, Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

There’s a great old piece of writing advice I first heard from my friend and co-author Z.C. Bolger, and I think he got it from somewhere else but since I don’t know where, you can attribute it to him since he’s a fountain of wisdom anyway.

In fact Z.C. just started doing his own YouTube video series called Elements of Fiction. I’ll link it here, you should totally go check him out.

Anyway, a piece of advice Zach loves to give to new writers relates to daily writing.

Daily writing is something every author should practice, and while I don’t always write every single day, I try to, because only by producing can you actually, you know, end up with a product.

And Zach will tell authors, “Look, just write a page a day. One page, every single day. Commit to that. By the end of the year, you’ll have a 365-page book, or maybe multiple books—but the point is, you’ll have 365 pages.”

And that’s great advice! I mean, I always want to write more than one book a year, but if you’re just starting out, a book a year seems quite manageable.

So I’ve decided to start a new little project because, of course, I don’t have nearly enough things going on in my life.

I’m going to keep a journal throughout 2015, and I’m calling it Page a Day.

Each day I’ll use one page to write down what happened and what I did and what I’m thinking about.

At the end of the year, I’ll have a 365-page book which I’ll put into a hardcover, and order my own copy and stick it on my shelf.

If I can actually keep it up, and if I do it for a few years, I’ll have a great day-to-day record of my life that will be awesome to have when I’m older, or maybe something to pass off to my kids when they grow up.

The vlog kind of serves the same purpose, except the vlog isn’t actually always as personal.

I mean the connection is super personal, I’m here talking to you, and you’re talking back to me, but sometimes I make videos about things that are funny or in the moment, and not what’s really preoccupying my mind that day.

In addition to the book at the end of the year, which is mostly for my own personal enjoyment, I’m going to be posting my page a day on my blog on my personal website, link in the video description.

Daily blogging is a good thing, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and this is the perfect way to do it because I can only fit less than 300 words on a single page, and 300 words a day is something I can DEFINITELY commit to and stick to.

So if you want to come along for the ride, pop on over to my blog and give it a follow.

Oftentimes the entries will probably be similar or related to what I talk about on my vlog, but other times they won’t be. Like yesterday I blogged about my son taking his first steps, which was, of course, amazing to me as a parent.

How about you guys? Anyone out there want to join me in my page-a-day journey?

If you don’t have Scrivener or another useful word processing program, you could even do it on Facebook or Tumblr. Just limit yourself to 250 words, and you’ll be good.

You can use less than a full page if you want, but you can’t do more.

If you leave your page-a-day entries in the comments of my videos or my blog posts, I’ll try to come by and check them all out. I really think this could be an awesome thing and if you agree, I’d love to do it with you.

…Not like that.

Thanks so much for watching, Rebels, I hope your 2015 has been off to a roaring start, and I will see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

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