Marvel and Sony are Making Spider-Man—TOGETHER!!!

Marvel and Sony are Making Spider-Man—TOGETHER!!!

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So you might be wondering why I’m wearing this Spider-Man mask, and in fact, I’m beginning to wonder the same thing so I’m going to take it off. (Cue porn music).

So Sony and Marvel have reached a deal on future Spider-Man films, and if you’re a huge Spider-Man fan like I am, this is cause for major, major celebration.

So what are the details of this deal? Well, first of all, Spider-Man can now be used in Marvel Studios films, including the Avengers or any other film in that cinematic universe.

This might not sound like a huge deal if you’re not interested in seeing Spider-Man as a side character in someone else’s film, but there’s ONE upcoming Marvel film where his inclusion is almost essential.

The next Captain America movie is titled Captain America: Civil War, and for you non-comic-book readers out there, the Civil War was a huge event that pitted all of the superheroes in the world against each other in an all-out battle, with Captain America leading one side and Iron Man leading the other.

But Spider-Man was absolutely essential to the whole plot. He was like the step-child who both parents were fighting over, and in the Civil War storyline, he revealed his secret identity to the whole world, which was, like, obviously a huge deal.

So a Civil War movie without Spider-Man would just be so disappointing, but NOW HE CAN BE IN IT.

But the second part of the Sony and Marvel deal is even more shocking, but probably even better news for geeks going into the future.

Basically, any future standalone Spider-Man movies, including the 2017 reboot reboot, are still going to be financed and distributed by Sony.

But they’re going to be MADE by Marvel. Marvel’s creative team will be the ones writing, producing and directing the films. And given Marvel’s track record so far, that PROBABLY means they’re going to be totally awesome.

Sony will then get the profits for the film, other than of course the royalties that will be paid to the actors and the producers and so on.

So this doesn’t sound like a GREAT deal for Marvel Studios, right? But actually, it kind of is.

Listen, Marvel isn’t hurting for money. And losing the box office of future Spider-Man movies isn’t exactly going to reduce the billions and billions they’ve already got in the bank.

And because Spider-Man is far and away the most popular Marvel character of all time, by having access to him in their universe, Marvel’s just going to rake in the cash by association.

So Spider-Man will be in future Marvel films, future Spider-Man films will be produced by Marvel, and Spider-Man will—once again—be rebooted by Marvel, who have continued to produce the best superhero films of all time—except, arguably, The Dark Knight.

But I’m even more excited about what this signals for the future. Because with this deal, Marvel has set a huge precedent that could have repercussions far into the future.

If Spider-Man is a huge success with Marvel—and let’s face it, that’s practically a slam dunk—then I think Marvel will be in a great position for further negotiations with Fox, the other studio that still holds rights to major Marvel franchises.

So once we’ve seen Spider-Man in a couple of big Marvel blockbusters, I think it’s only a matter of time before Marvel takes back the X-Men as well, and we have an entirely unified Marvel universe with the same scope and epicness as the comic book universe.

Guys, I say this a lot—but there’s never been a better time to be a geek. Big congrats to Sony and Marvel on this deal, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

As always, Rebels, thank you for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.

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