Marketing Funnels

Marketing Funnels

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

So in case you haven’t already heard, I’ve been doing a new book review show. It’s called Five Minute Books and you can go watch it by clicking here.

I really, REALLY love this show, and it’s only going to get better. It’s a great new marketing funnel for me, and I’m excited to see how people respond. But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk ABOUT marketing funnels.

What exactly IS a marketing funnel? What does that mean? A lot of people, when they hear that term, don’t know what it is and assume it’s some sort of crazy marketing term that you’ve got to be an internet guru to understand, and it’s probably something sneaky anyways.

That’s not at all the case. My first rule of Internet Marketing is that if it’s HARD, or it makes you feel icky, you’re doing it wrong. All marketing should be something that you’d want to do anyways, and that works into the explanation of what a funnel is.

Let’s take a funnel.



The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. And of course you’re like, “Duh, Garrett, of course it is, that’s how a funnel works.”

Well in marketing terms, the top of your funnel is the segment of your content that has the broadest exposure, and is also the easiest to get into.

I’m an author and a filmmaker. So the top of my funnel is all books and videos that are FREE. That makes it really easy for a new audience member to experience, and hopefully draws them INTO the rest of the funnel.

For example, Realm Keepers: Episode One is a FREE ebook. Anyone can download it, and we usually get about two thousand downloads per month. That’s a LOT of people being exposed to my work.

My vlog, and everything else I put out on YouTube, is also FREE. That’s a funnel for my books AND my filmmaking.

The entry to your funnel gets people to just kind of stand at the edge here and dip their toes in. And once people have been there fore a while, they might want to get a little further into the funnel.

A lot of people will just sit here at the top of your funnel and take everything you’ll give them for free. And that’s FINE. I do vlogs and make books free because I LOVE DOING THEM, not because I want EVERY SINGLE person to also go and buy my books (although that’s awesome).

The next part of the funnel still has a broad appeal, but it will require a little bit of compensation from the reader.

Let’s continue our example. After people have read Episode One, they might want to read Episode Two. If they do, they can go and buy it for only $0.99. That’s a tiny amount of money, but it’s getting them further into the funnel.

However, to make things EVEN EASIER on people, I offer a deal. If they go and leave a review on Episode One, I will send them Episode Two for FREE. This means they’ve read about 50,000 words of mine for free, and only had to give me a review on one book.

Now at this point, they want to read the next episode, it’s another buck. And on and on until they reach the season finale.

The season finale is 80,000 words long and costs three bucks. That’s further down in the funnel. These are people who are sure they’ll like you, so they’re willing to shell out that extra dough.

Then you get to the bottom of the funnel, and these are your hardcore fans. These are people who will buy whatever you put out, when you put it out, at whatever price you ask for it.

After you’ve read Midrealm, the price of the individual episodes goes up. They’re $1.99 each. BUT, you can ALSO just go and buy the complete second volume, Midrealm, for $8.99, which ends up saving you 50%. And the people who go for that deal are the bottom of my funnel.

They know, by this point, that Zach and I have slaved away for months to write a book that’s more than a quarter of a million words long, and they have NO problem spending nine dollars on a book that will take most of them a few weeks to read.

They’ll also go out there and tell their friends that THEY need to go and buy your stuff because it’s awesome.

These are your best friends and your most loyal customers.

These are my Rebels, they’re my favorite people in the world, and you MUST NOT VIOLATE THEIR TRUST.

When you’ve got people in the bottom of the funnel, you can put out a 20,000 word book and charge $9.99 for it. And you’ll make a lot of money for very little effort.

But your fans are smart, smart people, and after you’ve hoodwinked them like this once, they’ll leave your funnel completely. And they will not come back.

So you’ve got to over deliver to these people. You’ve got to make their lives as awesome as you possibly can.

That’s what a marketing funnel is. So, now, do you think this is some skeezy marketing tactic? Are you saying, “So, what, I’m just a customer to you? You’re just trying to get me into your funnel?”

I’m not JUST trying to get you into a funnel. I’m trying to show you how awesome the rest of the funnel is by showing you the first part, which is free.

See, I really, really like my own books. I mean, I always want to make them better, but I’m really happy with where they’re at right now.

And I am looking for people, hopefully like you, who will ALSO enjoy them.

And to encourage people like that to come around, I say, “Read this free book! Watch this free video!”

And they’re like, “I quite enjoyed that!”

And I say, “That’s awesome. I’m kind of trying to make a living doing that. Would you mind, you know, tossing me a couple of bucks for a quarter-million word book?”

If they say Yes, they’re in the funnel and we’re having a lot of fun together. If they say No, I’m like, “Okay, cool!” because that person clearly wouldn’t ENJOY being in my funnel, and I only want people there who want to be there.

See, that’s why I don’t go for crazy Twitter marketing schemes or, like, insane blogging tactics that get thousands of website hits per day. If I get that many hits eventually, great, but I only want people there who want to be there.

I don’t go for those crazy marketing tactics because A, they’d make me feel skeezy, and B, to me, they’re hard, and what did we say at the beginning of this post?

If marketing is hard, or if it feel like cheating, you’re doing it wrong.

Find a way to find your audience that appeals to you, and that you’d probably want to do ANYWAYS even if you weren’t trying to find people to read your books or watch your movies or listen to your music.

If you want to take the next step into my funnel but you don’t want to spend any money, click on this link here and sign up for my email list.

You get a FREE book just for signing up.

If you read that book and leave a review, I’ll give you another book for free!

You can keep doing that as much as you want! If you let me email you every week, you can read my ENTIRE catalogue for free as long as you keep leaving reviews.

Welcome to the funnel. I hope you find it a good place to be.

Garrett Robinson

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