I’M GOING TO VIDCON 2015! (Here’s some advice to enjoy it more)

I’M GOING TO VIDCON 2015! (Here’s some advice to enjoy it more)

Hello Rebels and welcome back to my life I’M GOING TO VIDCON 2015!!!

You see that? You see that email right there on my phone? That is my CONFIRMATION! I am REGISTERED for VidCon 2015! I’m going! I’m going to be there! YES!

In case you missed it last year, I went to VidCon and it was one of the best experiences in all of 2014, other than birth of my son Desmond, of course.

I made amazing real life friends, I got to meet so many incredible creators, like Hank and John Green, and Hannah Hart, and Tyler Oakley, and Veritasium, I got to attend panels, I had the most amazing time.

The panels in particular were amazing. You get to sit in a room and just absorb all this fantastic knowledge from creators who have been doing it for years, and who have millions of followers, but at the same time, every single one of them was just an awesome person.

Last year’s VidCon was what made me want to start attending more live events in general, and since then I’ve been to Austin twice for self-publishing conferences, and I went to Comikaze, which I plan to attend again this year.

But there’s nothing quite like VidCon. There’s something intangibly awesome about the YouTube community, this unironic enthusiasm about online video and the creators that make it.

Sometimes that enthusiasm gets a little bit overblown, and I actually made a video about that after last year’s VidCon, but on the whole, I think it’s just amazing. I love seeing other people’s excitement even more than I love getting excited about things myself.

If you are going to VidCon this year, and you want to meet up some time, please reach out to me on Twitter. It would be totally awesome to get together in between events and panels and all the rest of the awesome stuff that’s going to be happening.

If this is your first VidCon, or indeed your first live conference of any kind, since it’s only a few weeks away, I have a few suggestions I would like to give you in order to maximize your experience.

  1. Bring a backpack or some kind of carrying apparatus. You will want to have something to carry things around in, because,
  2. Bring water. Dehydration sucks. It makes you feel tired when you don’t want to be tired. It can make you disoriented. It’s not healthy. It’s just generally not a good time.
  3. Bring snacks. As many snacks as you can POSSIBLY fit in the aforementioned backpack. When you’re hungry, you’re cranky. You don’t have energy. You don’t want to go and do the things you would normally want to do.
  4. Realize that the only real food options at VidCon are the food trucks, and they can be a LITTLE bit pricey, and they always have long lines, so if that’s not your thing, bring your own lunch. Me, personally, I don’t mind waiting in line, especially with friends, but I’m not a huge fan of food truck food, so I’m bringing my lunch.

Bring a monkey. Nope, sorry, that’s a different advice list, I don’t know how that got in there.

  1. Wear deoderant, and BRING YOUR DEODERANT WITH YOU SO YOU CAN REAPPLY AS NECESSARY. I cannot…I cannot stress how important this is. VidCon is in an enclosed space. There are 18,000 other people in that enclosed space. Let’s just all be cool, and we’ll all enjoy ourselves a lot more, okay?
  2. Don’t forget to charge your phone every night. You will regret it forever if you miss the chance to take a selfie with someone because your phone is dead. Trust me on this.

Bring a dildo. Whoah, sorry, that’s from a WAY different advice list.

  1. Last year they gave every attendee a deck of playing cards. This was super helpful when we were waiting for panels, which you won’t spend MOST of the time doing, but you will spend SOME time doing. They might give out decks of cards again, but just in case, bring your own.
  2. This one is the most important. Be respectful. Be respectful of the other attendees. Everyone wants to experience VidCon in the way that is most fun for them. But their version of fun might not be your version of fun. That’s fine. You do you, let you do them. And be respectful of the creators. A lot of them love walking out among the crowds and meeting people face to face. But realize some of them might have major anxiety issues and don’t want you crowding around them. If they ask for space, or to be left alone, they’re not being assholes, they’re trying to keep themselves mentally healthy. And NONE of them like being swarmed by screaming people, even the extroverted ones. A good rule of thumb for personal space is at least three feet. If you want a hug, ASK them for a hug, and respect them if they say no.

Together we can all have a really, really awesome time at VidCon 2015. I will be there. I will be having a blast. I hope you will be, too. And let’s all work together to make the experience as safe and fun as it possibly can be for everyone involved.

Thank you so much for watching, a HUGE thank you to my friend Matt Hunt who’s helping me attend VidCon this year, and an extra special shoutout to my Patreon patrons who make my YouTube channel possible. I will see all of you tomorrow. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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