If You’re Watching This, I’m At VidCon

If You’re Watching This, I’m At VidCon

As you’re watching this, I’m at VidCon.
On the off chance that you don’t know what that is, VidCon is the premiere convention about making and loving online video.

This is the fourth? Fifth? Year that I’ve attended? I should really look and see.

Fourth! It’s the fourth.

And it is a big deal. It is the biggest event I go to every year.

It was my favorite event for many years, and then I went to Nerdcon: Stories last year, and that became my favorite.

And now they don’t appear to be doing it any more! So VidCon is my favorite event again!


So now, as I have done ever year since I started going to VidCon, I’ve been thinking about why I love it so much.

Live events are a thing I just love. I don’t know if I could actually do them all the time, but I feel like I could.

There is something about real life, human interaction that’s incomparable.

I love Oregon. I have loved my life since moving to Oregon. But in Oregon, compared to L.A., I get much less human interaction with people outside my wife and kids.

Even though I have wonderful local friends in the next town over who I see EVERY Friday, that’s still MUCH less interaction than I got in L.A.

And if there’s anything I miss about L.A., which I mostly do not miss at ALL, it’s that.

And that is THE THING about every live event I attend. The event itself is wonderful. I gain value from it. I love it.

But my favorite part of every live event is always the people I hang out with ADJACENT to the event.

Like my friend Liz, who I will hang out with at VidCon this year for the third year in a row.

Or my friend Hallie, who is the FIRST NEW PERSON I met at VidCon EVER four years ago. Or five.

Or my friend Sarah, who is just an incredibly insightful and interesting person who hosted me at her house in Minneapolis last year.

At first, those people were not even part of the EQUATION for why I was going to Vidcon. And now, they’re more than half the reason I’m going at all.

If you’re at VidCon right now and want to meet up, let me know. We can try to make something happen.

But whether you’re at VidCon now or will be at some other live event in the future, make a point of meeting new people and making new friends. I promise, it’s the best part about going out into the crazy world of real life.

Garrett Robinson

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