I Am A Glasses Person

I Am A Glasses Person

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life. I did get a haircut, thanks for noticing.

No, but of course, something else on my face is different. That’s right. I’m growing my beard back out.

Turns out I thought my wife really liked the goatee, but we had a conversation last week, and I said, “I’m glad you like the goatee better, because I find it very fetching,” and she was kind of silent for a really long time.

Like, so long that I wondered if there had been a short-circuit between my brain and my mouth and I’d just accidentally commented on the attractiveness of another woman, instead of my own facial hair.

But yeah, she said she likes the full beard, and I like it, too, so it’s coming back. Oh, also I got glasses.

Yeeeah, this is still a LITTLE weird, I’m not entirely used to it.

Like, I keep reaching up to adjust my glasses as they slide down my nose, and every time I do, I’m like, “Oh my god, I just adjusted my GLASSES.”

So when we moved up here in August, I was driving a truck for three days, and when I drove at night, I realized that the headlights and tail lights of other cars on the road were getting a bit blurry.

It wasn’t anything super crazy, but it was definitely a higher level of blur than what I’d experienced previously in my life, which was … none.

So the day after my birthday I went to an optometrist and got checked out, and I have a mild astigmatism that makes my long-distance vision a little blurry, especially at night.

The optometrist said I only really HAVE to wear the glasses if I’m driving at night, but when I got them and put them on, everything was SO CLEAR that I just … leave them on now.

The first day I got my glasses, I felt a little bit down about it. I mean, I’ve always had perfect vision, and in a sense it felt like I was “losing” that.

But both my parents had glasses since before I was born, so this is not some huge surprise that came out of nowhere. It was pretty much inevitable.

And after that first day, once I’d grown used to having them, I found that I actually really like the way they look.

I mean, for one thing, if you tell people you’re a writer, I think they’re a lot more likely to take you seriously if you DO have glasses than if you DON’T.

But also, I feel—and I know this sounds kind of stupid—but I feel like the glasses complete my face in some weird way.

Like I’ve never really hated the way I look, but I’ve never thought I was super good-looking either. But the glasses have definitely caused an improvement in my own concept of my self-image, for whatever that’s worth.

I don’t know that I chose the best possible frames. I might upgrade those at some point. And I definitely need to get non-glare lenses, because as you can see, these ones have a tendency to reflect the lights I use to record my videos.

But overall, yeah, I like myself better with glasses than without them.

There is one other aspect of this whole thing, though, that’s less than completely ideal. And that’s that … it DOES make me feel a little old.

No, glasses are not exclusive to old people. Many kids have glasses from a very young age.

My son Luke is getting his eyes checked next April because we’ve known for a long time that he will almost DEFINITELY need glasses growing up, and he’s finally old enough that he PROBABLY won’t break them. Probably.

But I wasn’t born with eyes that needed glasses. It’s happened because I’m getting older. And I can’t help that that doesn’t feel great.

Gonna be real weird every time I go back and watch one of my old YouTube videos, which I do every once in a while, and see myself without the glasses. Probably never gonna get over that system shock.

The way I feel isn’t exactly a mid-life crisis, but it’s akin to one. But on the other hand, it’s made me realize that I’m actually doing okay for where I’m at in my life.

I’m 31, I make a living as an author, I’ve got an incredible wife and three wonderful children, we’ve got a nice home in Oregon, and soon we’ll be buying one for ourselves.

If that’s the situation in which I move into my new bespectacled life as a middle-aged man, I’m pretty okay with that.

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Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you on Friday. Byyye!

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