How I Read (VEDA Day 18)

How I Read (VEDA Day 18)

My reading habits have changed over the years, and my preferred book format has changed with them. How do you prefer to read your books?





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Hey there, Rebel. Things have been a little bit up and down for me recently. There was a family health scare (not me, my wife or my kids, thank goodness) and I feel like my productivity has been slipping. I guess I’m having trouble figuring out what my “correct” schedule “should” be, and so each day I do something slightly different. Like today, I went for a long walk, because I haven’t gone for a walk in a long time, and I love walking. But because of that walk, I ended up NOT doing some other things I was supposed to do today. Tomorrow I might be able to catch up on those things, but I won’t be able to also take a walk. There’s just too much stuff to do, you know? And yeah, yeah, I know: everyone has this problem. I don’t mean to complain—I just needed to vent a little bit. And I thought I’d do it here, where I doubt very many people will see it. But if you are reading it, drop me a comment below. Don’t tell me your time-saving tips or offer advice or condolences—I don’t really need that, and it’s not what I’m hunting for. Just let me know something cool that happened to you recently. I’ll tell you something honestly: the one thing that makes me happier than anything in the world is hearing about good things happening to people I care about.

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