Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Recap (Part 1)

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Recap (Part 1)

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

Well it’s finally here—Game of Thrones season has returned, and the first episode aired last night.

So I want to do two videos, today and tomorrow, and we’re gonna talk about what happened in the episode and anything we know about it from the books as opposed to only watching the show.

There are obviously gonna be spoilers for the episode that aired last night, but we won’t spoil anything from the books.

The show started with a flashback where we see Cersei Lannister visiting a witch in the woods to hear Cersei’s future.

The witch says Cersei would have three children, and that their crowns and their shrouds would both be golden.

Golden shrouds is obvious—the Lannisters are the richest family in Westeros—but the golden crowns is a reference to their hair.

If you’ll remember, one of the things that tipped Ned Stark off to the fact that Cersei and Jamie were doing the do was the family records of the noble houses of Westeros.

Whenever a Baratheon had a kid with a Lannister, the child comes out with brown hair.

Because Cersei’s kids all had golden hair, Ned knew that Robert Baratheon, the king, wasn’t their father, and that’s how he found out about Cersei and Jamie.

Meanwhile in present time, Cersei and Jamie are just about ready to tear each other apart, and Cersei sees Marjorie as the threat the witch spoke of in the prophecy.

Now that some of the prophecy has come true she’s starting to believe the rest of it, and it seems like the Lannisters are ready to fall like a House of Cards.

Now in the senate, Frank is facing opposition—wait, sorry, I got distracted. Wrong show.

In Pentos, everyone’s favorite dwarf is alive! And we got a scene that was really important for showing us another side of Varys, who’s always been super iffy.

We were wondering WHY Varys would save Tyrion, and now we find out he’s part of a conspiracy to restore Daenerys Targaryan to the throne.

If that does end up happening, and Daenerys has Tyrion as her chief advisor, that would be the best thing to happen in Westeros since…well, certainly in the history of the show, no doubt.

More importantly, this gives us Tyrion’s next big storyline. I mean after the events of last season you had to wonder what would happen to him. His primary antagonists are either dead or too far away to hurt him.

I for one am very…excited to see the rest of his arc this season. No book spoilers.

Let’s move on to Daenerys. Some new organization called the Sons of the Harpy is killing her Unsullied in the streets—or in this case, the brothels.

The Sons of the Harpy are basically rebels who aren’t happy about their new queen and want to try to force her out of Meereen. Thing is, she’s too well protected, so they’re having to start at the grassroots level.

The murder puts pressure on Daenerys, and since it happened just as she was brought a proposal to re-open the fighting pits, you have to wonder who the Sons of the Harpy really work for.

Her sort-of-boyfriend Daario also said something interesting as he re-entered the city with the emissary, saying “Your friends haven’t been behaving themselves.”

So it looks like Daario might actually know something about the Sons of the Harpy, but he clearly isn’t telling Daenerys.

Daenerys is like Tyrion and Jon Snow, is always struggling for balance.

She’s good at political machinations but very moral and upright. She’ll kill you for sure, but she’d rather not if it isn’t necessary for the safety of her people.

I feel like she goes through constant evolutions of struggling with something she thinks she need to do but doesn’t want to do, and then finally figures out the best way she can resolve it. Not always the best way period, but much better than the obvious, easy choice.

In this season she’s going to have to reclaim her identity as the Mother of Dragons, because she’s kind of lost that part of her, as we saw when she went to visit Rhaegal and Viserion.

That’s part one of my Game of Thrones recap and review—part two will be coming tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

I got three questions for you today—do you think we can trust Viserys, what do you think is going to happen with Cersei, and do you think Daenerys should re-open the fighting pits?

If you’ve read the books—no cheating.

As always, thank you for watching, Rebels, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

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