Rebel Yell, the definitive statement on indie versus industry


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Rebel Yell is very different from my other books. I mostly write genre fiction. I’ve been doing it for some years now. My first book was sci-fi, then I wrote a zombie comedy, a thriller, and afterwards four separate fantasy novels in two separate series. (Who knows? I might have written more by the time you read this. If so, they’re probably fantasy or sci-fi).

Rebel Yell was different, and in a way, much more important.

I’ve been a struggling artist since before my first child was born. Sometimes I’ve struggled more than others, but it’s never been easy. At the same time, I used to work in and around the film industry, and organized artistic industry has always existed at the edges of my circles. Whether it’s the big movie studios or the big publishing houses, “organized art,” as I call it, exerts its influence on every up-and-comer trying to make it out there.

Rebel Yell is my statement to organized art everywhere. It’s about Steve Caverly, the singer-songwriter of an indie rock band, called Rebel Yell, in Los Angeles. Like most young artists, Steve finds it hard to believe in himself. At the same time, he can’t stop believing in his dream. He has to keep thinking that one day, somehow, he and his band are going to make it, even if he doesn’t believe in his own talent. (This logical paradox will be familiar to anyone who’s ever struggled to make it as an artist).

Enter Lenny Bergner, record mogul and one of the most successful producers in music history. He’s produced every album for Hunger Strike, the biggest rock band in the world, whose lead singer Hayley Savage is Steve’s idol.

Lenny’s got a deal for Steve. A deal that will get Rebel Yell their own record deal. But it’s nothing like Steve ever expected, and it will force him to confront some hard truths about the music industry—and himself.

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Rebel Yell, by Garrett Robinson