Dear White Liberal Bernie Sanders Fans

Dear White Liberal Bernie Sanders Fans

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

If you’re not one of my regular viewers, my name is Garrett Robinson, I write books and make movies, and I just wanted to say a few quick words to white liberals who support Bernie Sanders: what the fuck are you guys doing?

So two recent Bernie Sanders rallies were interrupted by members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, who demanded Sanders be held accountable for racial injustice in America.

Both events ended early because of this, and that turned you guys into towering columns of pants-shitting rage, so you took to your online spaces and began harassing the #BlackLivesMatter movement…almost in its entirety. Basically wherever you could find them.


When I was a teenager I was—like some teenagers are—a bit of an asshole.

And one of the defining moments when I hopefully became LESS of an asshole—at least when a lot of people stopped CALLING me an asshole—was when I learned two extremely valuable lessons:

Shut Up. And Listen.

And because I grew into adulthood with that idea of LISTENING instead of talking over people, I have been avidly following many prominent figures in the #BlackLivesMatter movement since the events in Ferguson in August.

I mean the events in Ferguson last year in August, not this year in August. That’s a whole nother thing for a whole nother video.

And because I was listening to people within the movement, I got to experience their growing frustrations as Bernie Sanders didn’t properly address the issues they were trying to bring before him.

Bernie keeps acting—or kept acting—like his plans for economic reform would handle all their problems.

Which sounds fine, until you realize that that plan contains the idea that racism is not part of the problem, that socioeconomic inequality is the only thing going on here.

When the #BlackLivesMatter movement wasn’t satisfied with this, Bernie started cancelling meetings he had previously scheduled with them in order to voice their concerns.

Some of them elected to respond with the demonstrations you saw and got so pants-on-fire livid about, but given the whole context of events leading up to these protests, I find it hard to blame them.

And before you leap into the comments talking about Bernie’s track record—

seriously, ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKER mentions how he marched with Martin Luther King and I swear I’ll track down your IP address

I want you to take a look at what BERNIE did.

He stopped deflecting. And he listened.

He had a meeting that lasted several hours with Symone Sanders, a black attorney who knows what #BlackLivesMatter is all about, and he hired her as his new press secretary.

And she immediately got to work promoting Bernie’s commitment to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and REFUSING TO CRITICIZE those who had protested Bernie in the past because, really, he understood where they were coming from.


Yes the #BlackLivesMatter movement went after Bernie instead of the other Democratic candidates and a LOT more than the GOP.

But can’t you see that maybe—just maybe, I’m not definitively stating this is the case—they wanted to put their efforts where it would do them the most good?

MAYBE they actually believe that if Bernie promises to help, he will follow through on that promise. And now he has. He’s proposed an actual plan for criminal justice reform, something he WOULD NOT DO before no matter how much they asked.

Now that he’s hired Symone Sanders and is speaking directly to racism, Bernie is no longer the primary problem. YOU ARE.

You are still spending all day on Twitter attacking members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and telling them Bernie is their best chance at getting help.

But you’re just making it worse if you don’t SHUT UP. And LISTEN. Because otherwise you’re telling THEM what solution YOU think is best for THEIR problem.

It’s their problem! It’s not yours! Shut up. And listen. Bernie is already doing it. Why can’t you show the same grace he is?

Saying that Bernie is the best they’re gonna get and they should be grateful for him is just disgusting, controlling, absolutely abhorrent behavior. And if Bernie can’t wrangle his own fanatics, why should anyone believe he can control a whole country?

But you know what? It would be great if Bernie didn’t even have to try to control you—to control me. It would be awesome if we could just SHUT UP. And LISTEN. For once.

Listen to the voices of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and support them. Not just to get Bernie elected. He will be nominated or he won’t, he will be elected or he won’t. Either way his run will be over in 9 years at most.

Black people in America will have to live with the consequences of OUR actions for the rest of their lives. We owe them our help, and we shouldn’t start after Bernie’s election—and if they don’t start now, it’s doubtful he WILL be elected and have a chance to help.

If you’re still here, I hope you take this video to heart and remember to SHUT UP. And LISTEN.

Thank you for watching, a shoutout to my supporters on Patreon who make all my YouTube videos possible, especially my Sponsors, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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