Copycat Success

Copycat Success

Good morning Rebels, and welcome back to my life!

So, funny story. Also true. I FORGOT I was doing VEDA.

And now it’s almost seven o’clock and my wife said, “Hey, sweetie, where’s your video for today?”

And I’m all, “Psssh, what are you talking about? It’s Saturday, I never vlog on a Saturday and OH MY GOD IT’S APRIL!”

So I almost failed VEDA on day 4 of 30, but I was rescued at the last moment by my wife. As per usual.

And also as a result of that, this video is coming to you after a few beers. So “beer” with me.

Today, with almost no preparation, I want to talk to you about copycat success, AKA the way I managed to build a career with hardly any original thought whatsoever.

Whatever you want to do in life, or whatever you ARE doing in life, there is someone out there who is doing it better than you.

This is nothing to feel bad about. Other people have had the experience of years, or they’ve had a lucky break, or they’re just REALLY REALLY good at what they do.

I don’t care if you’re a filmmaker or author or an accountant, or a lawyer, there is SOMEONE out there who is in almost exactly your situation, but is succeeding much much more than you are.

Now for me, those people are Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and David Wright from the Self Publishing Podcast, who manage to write for a living and do pretty good at it without all the mad scrambling and struggle that I go through.

But there is a reason I’m able to make a living as a writer AT ALL—and that’s because I just kind of copy what Johnny, Sean and Dave are doing.

Now, here’s the thing. Johnny, Sean and Dave love to put disclaimers on all the advice they give on their show. They tell us that what works for them might not work for us. They’re just telling stories of what they’re doing, and you shouldn’t expect to get the same results by doing the same things.

And, and you know, there’s probably SOME truth to that. And regardless, they have to say that so people can’t be justified in getting pissed off at them when they fail in their own self-publishing careers.

But the fact remains: I have ONLY built a writing career by finding out what Johnny, Sean and Dave are doing this week, and then trying to do the same thing.

Now, as the years have gone by, I have found OTHER self-publishing stars and started copying THEIR techniques as well. For instance, I just spend most of a day copying the website design of successful indie author Mark Dawson.

You should totally go check him out at, which I will try to remember to put in the video description, but you should also go look at my totally beautiful new author page at!

Now, you might not remember what my website USED to look like, but I can tell you that my new website is going to be much more effective at finding new readers and bringing them into my “readership,” if you will.

If you are trying to make it in a career, whatever that career might be, look at what other people are doing, as long as those people are succeeding at it.

And yes, study them with a caveat. If they’re doing something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. If they’re doing something that’s beyond your means right now, don’t do it.

But pick and choose the tactics that you think will work well for you. Experiment. Try new things. Try revising and optimizing what you’re already doing.

We only learn and improve through constant growth and experimentation. That’s true for artists, and it’s also true for anyone in the business world.

Because you choose to do something now, it doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it forever. Only by constantly refining your art and the means by which you sell it, will you eventually arrive at a place where you yourself are successful enough to advise others.

That’s my sage advice for the day, Rebels. Don’t forget that I’m having a huge sale on ALL my books this weekend, where you can pick up anything in my library for just a buck.

You can find that at, so please go check that out.

Also, someone pointed something obvious out to me, which is that when I sent my email yesterday with two exclusive ebooks, some people hadn’t yet seen my video telling them to sign up for my email list so they could get those exclusive ebooks.

So basically I’m going to send out another email with those exclusive books tomorrow. If you want to get two ebooks of mine that aren’t available for sale anywhere else, click this link and sign up for my mailing list on my beautiful new website.

As always, thanks for watching, Rebels, and I will see you tomorrow. Maybe. If I remember. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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Great advice!  Learn by example, and do what successful people in your area are doing.  Before long, you'll find a trail of others watching and imitating your every move - surely the most sincere form of flattery!

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