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The first step of an epic adventure.

Loren flees her home in the forest of Birchwood alongside the fugitive wizard Xain.

At her hip is a mysterious dagger the world has not seen in centuries—but something keeps her from using it to take a life.

As she swiftly finds herself at odds with both the king’s law and a sinister criminal element, she will soon find the life of an outlaw is far more perilous than she had ever imagined…

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The saga of the Nightblade continues across the nine lands.

Loren has barely escaped the city of Cabrus with her life, and her dagger.

Now the Mystic Jordel has taken a special interest in her. But Loren has much to learn of his order of knights, and not all of it is good…

As war brews in the kingdom of Selvan, and Loren conceals a black secret from the wizard Xain, she faces the ultimate choice: to flee the coming conflict with her friends, or to stand against the growing darkness…

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The wizard Xain has been seized by madness, yet his fate is inextricably tied to that of all the nine lands.

Loren and Jordel must find a way to cross the kingdom with Xain in tow, while both the king’s law and Jordel’s own order try to hunt them down.

Safety may lie in the Greatrock mountains, where they can travel leagues beyond the watchful eyes of their pursuers. But another foe entirely awaits them amongst the peaks, and in his shadow, one traveler’s journey will end forever…

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At long last Loren has seen the face of the dark force that rises in Underrealm, and yet the cost of that knowledge seems far too heavy to bear.

But her enemies will not wait for her to grieve, and swiftly emerge from every corner to hunt her down. Only one hope remains: to bring the tale of her discovery to the Mystics and hope that they can stem the tide.

As the jaws of the trap closer tighter and tighter around her throat, Loren must finally embrace the legend that has begun to surround her: the Nightblade, a warrior of the darkness and a champion of the light.

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