Some things gon’ be changing ’round here. Well, mainly just two.


I’m going to try blogging on a somewhat more regular basis. I’m going for weekly. Before, I went for weekly. It went great! So great, in fact, that I increased my output to three times a week. That worked less than well. Soon I ran out of content, and then it felt like a major effort to keep blogging, and soon I fell out of the habit.

Well, I’m trying it again. I’ve got a LOT of thoughts and considerations going into the new Nightblade series (have you read that, by the way? Did you know the first episode’s free, and the rest are only $0.99? And you can get it right here?)

Anyway, I want to blog about these thoughts. I think they’re good thoughts. I think they might even be important thoughts to some people. So I will be blogging, and I will be posting those articles whenever I damn well feel like it. Maybe it’ll be three times a week. Maybe it’ll be less. Maybe it will be more. But it will…be.

One thing that will help TREMENDOUSLY with the blogging is knowing what YOU want me to talk about. So please, leave ideas and suggestions, or reach out to me through the contact form. It’s hard to sit here and try to envision what I think you’ll be interested in. I’ve always worked best when YOU guys reach out to me and say, “Hey, what’s your thoughts on this?”

My immediate response is, “Oh, WOW, I have so many of them,” and 2,000 words later you’ve got a new blog post.


VlogaNovel has been a bigger success than I ever thought it would be. DOZENS of people are tuning in to watch me write books live. Now, dozens does not sound impressive. And frankly, in YouTube terms, it’s not. You want to talk THOUSANDS when you talk about YouTube views.

However, we need to take those dozens in context. I strongly believed NO one would watch the show. It’s just me writing. But I thought there was a CHANCE I had fans out there who would want a behind the scenes look. Also, other writers have tuned in to see someone else’s process, or just to have something going in the background reminding them that they, too, should be writing. If you’re one of those people, THANK YOU, and I’m glad to have provided something you actually like.

However, there’s one thing I completely didn’t think about when I came up with the show idea: the effect on my regular subscribers.

You can see the problem. I post vlogs every weekday (well, when schedule permits). Imagine being a typical YouTube viewer (probably in your teens, probably a female) and seeing one of my regular vlogs. You enjoy it. It’s fast, hopefully entertaining. So you click “Subscribe.” Then, you tune in to your subscription feed and there are four hour-long videos of me writing.

Yeah. No. “Unsubscribe.”


There is now an official VlogaNovel YouTube channel. That’s where you’ll find all VlogaNovel episodes from Nightblade: Episode Four onward. So if you’re only interested in my daily, topical vlogs, stick around my regular YouTube channel. If you’re into the VlogaNovel experience, subscribe to the VlovaNovel channel.

This will keep my regular channel free from ten or more hour-long videos a week that don’t appeal to my general audience, and will give VlogaNovel a home where it can find its OWN audience.

On a related note, I will only be posting the FIRST episode of any particular VlogaNovel series on this website. And that post will end with a link to the WHOLE PAGE, where you will be able to view the entire series if you wish. That way this blog ALSO isn’t cluttered up with a thousand posts with hour-long videos.

If you’re a VlogaNovel fan, you should also hang around the Vloganovel subreddit. I post all new episodes there, and you can also find live-writing shows from other writers like Simon Cantan.


That’s what I’m changing on an immediate basis. I have more ideas for things I want to try. But I don’t want to shake too many things up all at once.

So you can look forward to two weekly posts on this blog: whatever my new VlogaNovel project is, plus a Tuesday blog post about…whatever you suggest.

But of course, I don’t JUST want your suggestions on content. I want to know your thoughts on format. What else would you like to see from the blog? Do you want me to post my daily vlogs here? Are there any special weekly features you’d like to see? What else? Let me know in comments.

Garrett Robinson

Over 100,000 readers have read and loved Garrett's books, like the fantasy hits Nightblade and Midrealm. He's also a film festival favorite with movies like Unsaid, and a tech guru who posts lots of helpful how-tos for writers and filmmakers over at

Kayla Halleur
Kayla Halleur

This is a great idea - I love reading your thoughts and love watching the 5 minute vlogs that you have posted in the past... speaking of which, when's the next 5 minute review going to be released? Any thoughts on doing a 5 minute review on TV shows, kind of like the season 3 GoT breakdown you and Dave did a while ago?  I watched and LOVED the second last episode in that series, but my bandwidth sucks, so I probably won't be able to find and watch the previous episodes due to the size of them.

Overall, I love the new direction you're taking.  Keep it up!

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