Bernie Sanders’ #BernieBros—Why Are They So Crazy?

Bernie Sanders’ #BernieBros—Why Are They So Crazy?

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

Been a little while since I’ve talked American politics. And I decided, a little while ago, that I didn’t want to make this channel ABOUT politics, because frankly, it’s exhausting.

The fact that political videos do tend to get TONS of views doesn’t compensate for the intense, rabid trolling comments that plague them for months afterwards.

But I have been paying attention and there’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot with regards to Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’ rabid, angry, harassing supporters are a problem for him. They’ve been dubbed the Bernie Bros—”bros” because they’re almost always men and, by the way, almost always white.

They tend to jump all over and vilify anyone who doesn’t support Sanders. And in a lot of cases they do it with some pretty disgusting, vile language.

Other supporters are less aggressive, but no less “energetic,” and talk down to people instead, which is always a great way to garner support.

This ranges from asking black pundits and commentators if they know that Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr.—which, trust me, they know that—

to explaining how racism isn’t actually a problem in America, that’s just a manifestation of income inequality.

Please…please just don’t ever say that, okay? Just please don’t.

I’ve been wondering why. WHY is this? Why are the Bernie Bros SO crazy, and why are there more of them surrounding him than any other democratic candidate, in this election or any that have come before?

Sanders has activated a massive support base that is very passionate about the message he wants to bring to America. But what is that message?

It’s about a change in American politics. The political revolution. That’s his campaign. And that has roused, I think, a HUGE number of disgruntled voters who have stayed out of politics for years.

These bros have seen the huge amount of money that corrupts politics in Washington D.C. and they’ve washed their hands of it. They probably stayed home for the last couple of elections, or maybe the last several.

They know that the game is very heavily rigged in favor of the power elite, and so they’ve gone into apathy to the point where they no longer want to play the game. I was that way the first few years I was a legal voter.

And now someone is coming along promising to change the game, to get rid of that corruption, so that politics is a game they can actually play in, and have an effect on, and which will make it a better game for everyone involved.

Put yourself in that mindset. You’ve been denied your greatest power as a citizen, you’ve watched the government do things outside your best interests, and you’re unable to do anything about it.

And then a politician arrives whose entire platform is, “Change the rules of the game. Break up the banks. Get the money out of politics. Take the corruption out of our government, and make it a game where everyone can play again.”

To a person who feels disenfranchised, that’s more than an attractive campaign. That’s a promise to make America exactly the way they’ve always wished it would be.

And so they stump for him. They campaign for him. They share videos and write Facebook articles and watch YouTube videos.

They do anything they can to help, because here is someone who is going to change the world, which has been too much the same for too long.

It doesn’t matter if they’re right, just like it doesn’t matter whether Sanders can actually deliver on his promises if and when he’s elected. These bros BELIEVE he can.

And if you envision that goal, which they can see, and which he is promising, it’s a lot easier to understand why they rabidly dogpile anyone who’s even slightly critical of him.

I want to be clear—that doesn’t mean it’s OKAY that they do this. It’s very much fucking not.

But I’ve just been wondering WHY they do it in the first place. And I think that’s it.

If you’re a Bernie Bro, and by some miracle you’ve made it this far, please: take the lead from your candidate. He and his campaign are on the Internet right now, BEGGING you to be courteous and respectful. Please just listen to him.

But much, much more importantly: if you are a reasonable Bernie supporter, put a stop to the Bernie Bros when they’re acting like assholes.

If you support Sanders, and you see people being assholes in the name of Sanders, the best way you can help Sanders is to tell them to knock it the fuck off.

That’s how we really help his campaign. And that is what I’m trying to do with this video.

That’s it for today, Rebels. A special shoutout as always to my lovely supporters on Patreon, who make my YouTube channel possible. If you want to be one of those excellent people, or pick up signed copies of my books, there are links to both of those things in the description.

Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye.

Garrett Robinson

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They never calmed down. This is all about what they THINK is the last gasp of American white power. Even if they call themselves not racist, or progressive, they want to be Atticus Finch, they want to be the good white people in the Help, in The Butler, in every movie where a white savior comes along and makes everything better.

Hillary won because she proved herself to do the hard work and not just talk the talk. She got over 3 million more votes than Bernie did and most of these votes come from people of color, the lgbt movement, and people who are old enough to know that old guys promising the moon are to be looked at skeptically.

I am so frustrated by them, but I don't think this is about Bernie, they shouted down Bernie at the convention too. This really is about hating Hillary, having a black president during a financial crisis. Their parents and grandparents created the modern Republican party, and they pushed the Democrats into the center and the third way, now they want back in and want it to be a super left wing party but FDR"s new deal never benefited communities of color and women the way it helped white people. They want another FDR, but those of us who have been in this party long enough and are now happy it's finally a leftwing party have had other more pressing matters to get to than putting the white middle class back on the high mantle it used to occupy.

Remember, it was during the 90's that non whites really saw themselves enter the middle class in droves. They are fond of the Clintons, no matter how much these Sanders people like to nitpick over the crime bill (which Bernie voted for) or welfare reform (which the white people wanted, the same one who's kids ended up getting sold and run up student debt out so that they could pay less taxes) 

It's so frustrating because we are the fucking majority. But everything has to be about Sanders and his crybaby supporters. White straight middle class people are always put first in politics. And it's ignoring the people who are excied about this truly historic moment in our history as we nominate out first female presidential candidate of a major party. We (and history I'm sure) will see this as the Obama/Clinton era where the trajectory of this country has turned for the better. Undoing the evils of the Reagan era.

But these spoiled white kids want their revolution now, they don't know what hard work it takes or how change comes they want it now and if they don't get it they'll whine and yell and shout everyone down until they get their way.

I'm so so fucking sick of it and the media narrative around it. The people's voices were heard by the DNC, we have Hillary Clinton as the nominee but we don't count I guess. All anyone can talk about is her unfavorables and oh poor Sanders and his poor privileged sycophants. They're going to have to pay for college while the poor go tuition free. Oh boo hoo.  They want a 15 dollar wage instead of 13 even if they live in Idaho or some state where the cost of living is incredibly low because their master said that's the magic number.

I'm just so so fucking sick and tired of this historic moment being treated like a defeat for progressivism because it doesn't make white college bros happy.

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