Answering Your Comments About YouTube

Answering Your Comments About YouTube

Having a better conversation.

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life.

So this is a follow-up video to Sunday’s video about how to have a better conversation here on the YouTube channel.

I want to thank everyone who commented on that video and left their thoughts and ideas, and I want to look at some of them here with the rest of you.

In the Manner of the Grover said I think it would be worth trying, with the comments you like the best, making a vlog out of your responses to them in video form.

I think this is an AWESOME idea, it’s like when John Green does Question Tuesdays!

GOD, I made a whole video about how much I like the vlogbrothers and wish I was connected to my audience like they were, but I never even thought of doing the thing they do where they LITERALLY connect to their audience!

In fact, the very astute among you will have noticed that that’s what I’m doing right now.

Gerald Hornsby said I really enjoyed the video where your wife was on screen too — talking about your vacation.

I agree. I really like my wife, too. Frankly, I can’t see enough of her. Also I like having her on the YouTube channel, so we’re going to try to do that more often—maybe like once a month.

PolesitterPictures said God, do I miss the video response function.

Okay so fun fact, I joined the YouTube community JUST before they removed video responses entirely.

And from everything I’ve heard when people talk about them, it was like this wonderful thing that was such an amazing part of YouTube and everyone is sad that they’re gone and literally no one is happy about it.

And yeah, I just really hate it when big companies that I mostly love do things that just seem so absolutely boneheaded and stupid, but I already made a video about Marvel this week, so we’ll move on.

Sondra Ann suggested, Have a specific day flagged for conversation. You start it, one of your subscribers submits their video response, and then you answer that.

I like this idea too, I like it a lot. That’s what Dan Brown used to do on his channel. Jeez, I miss that guy.

Dan Brown, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert all stopped their shows, and then Trump got elected. I’m not saying it’s their fault, I’m just saying I want them all back.

Yeah, I know Colbert’s on late night, but it’s not—it’s not the same.

Anyway. Video conversations with viewers. Yeah I like the idea but no question, it would require a lot of work, and it’s not something I feel comfortable committing to on a regular basis.

However, if anyone DOES want to have a video conversation, just make your video and post it anywhere and let me know.

Even if I don’t decide to make a video response here on this channel, I’ll do what I can to answer it, even if it’s just in the comments of YOUR video.

And on a related note.

Paola said You could make more direct or indirect response videos to videos that you watched, maybe especially responses to smaller creators.

This is another fantastic idea that I want to do more of.

So far this VEDA, I’ve made a few videos that weren’t really responses to other, smaller YouTubers, but borrowed topics and referred back to their channels.

But I really like the idea of actually responding to them, of starting up that dialogue.

I do subscribe to a whole bunch of small YouTubers already, but I don’t feel like I do a good enough job of communicating and collaborating with them.

I plan to take a BIG step to correct that during Vidcon this year. I AM GOING to do ACTUAL collaborations with other YouTubers!

But between now and then, I’m going to make an effort to talk more with other small YouTubers here on the site itself.

Again, thank you to every single person who gave your ideas. They’re awesome, and you’re awesome, and I think they’re going to make the channel more awesome.

So please look forward to seeing videos like the ones you’ve suggested in the near future, starting this Friday.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, Rebel. Check out my last video right up there, or click right there to see my Patreon and check out my secret weekend videos.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you tomorrow. Byyye!

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