Another Way to Hang Out Online

Another Way to Hang Out Online

Hey there, Rebels.

You well know I’m a geek at this point. I’ve been into sci-fi and fantasy since I was a wee lad, and I’ve played video games for just about as long. Well, similar to how I decided to turn my writing into more content—not my books, but the process of writing itself—I’ve now decided to commodify my video games as well. is a great site where gamers can live-stream their video game play to an audience. Anyone can log in, kick their game on, and broadcast it to an audience of whatever size. I’ve recently started streaming on Twitch, and I play a little bit almost every day.

You can find my channel by clicking here. I’d really appreciate it if you’d pop over and follow the channel by clicking on the Follow icon (it looks like a little heart). If you want to make sure you never miss a stream, you can set Twitch up to email you whenever I go live (and I also always tweet the link, so you can follow me on Twitter here).

The one disadvantage to Twitch is that it doesn’t store your videos forever. In fact it eliminates them after two weeks. So, in tandem with my Twitch channel, I’ve started a NEW YouTube channel called Garrett’s Games. Every stream I post on Twitch will be immediately exported to that YouTube channel, and then I’ll post them here on my blog.

Those videos, of course, will be “Let’s Play” type videos, where you will see ALL my gameplay from beginning to end. But I’ll also be posting video game reviews there, where I’ll discuss games beginning to end and try to weigh their pros and cons. So again, I’d really love it if you subscribed.

That’s it! Just letting you know there’s even more places to hang out. As per usual, all the content will be posted here to my blog, so if you skip out for a few days you can come back and catch up on what you missed. Your feedback is, as always, incredibly valuable to me, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about these new ventures.

Garrett Robinson

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