All Podcasts, Most Of The Time

So, you may be aware that I have three podcasts:


This is my main podcast. I hook up with independent authors Z.C. Bolger and VC Coll, and we talk about story telling. They’re obviously speaking mostly from a novelist’s perspective, whereas I try to bring a little bit of film knowledge into it. It’s by far our most popular podcast, sponsored by the Author Marketing Club and with a rabid fan base (sometimes a little over-rabid—more on that in another post).


gameofgeekssquareitunes (1)A GAME OF GEEKS PODCAST

This is my geek podcast, where I talk about all the shit I don’t normally get to vent on with my “normal” friends. Indie author David Wright co-hosts, and we cover geek-centric TV shows. We just wrapped up talking about Game of Thrones, and now that Season Three is over, we’re moving on to Falling Skies.



I’m part of a filmmaking collective in Los Angeles called We Make Movies. It’s a really great group of people who get together and help each other make independent film. I’ve done more work with these people than all my other film work combined, and we have a lot of fun whenever we work together. One of the senior members, Chad Kukahiko, joins me for this podcast where we talk about film news, film process, and generally how an independent filmmaker can try and actually make it in this crazy world.



Recently I had the bright idea to consolidate all three of my podcasts into one, so that someone who just likes ME can listen to all three of them without having to subscribe to three different podcasts in iTunes (or Stitcher or whatever).


I know some of my listeners are book-only people, or writers with no interest in film, so I wouldn’t subject you to the Film Geeks podcast. And similarly, we’ve got a ton of nerd listeners to Game of Geeks who don’t care about writing OR film, so I won’t make them listen to those, either.

But there is a pretty significant overlap in fans between the three shows, and I wanted to give them another option.

So now it’s done! I’m still loading in back episodes, but if you want to subscribe and hear all the new ones, you can click on this button:


This is going to be my most consistent source of updates on this blog. I’ll still try to put out articles and updates via text for you old-school types (wink) but the three podcasts are the only thing that I absolutely never fail to do, every time.

Enjoy! I hope to be in your earholes soon.


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