Garrett Author HeadshotI’m an independent author and filmmaker, and I live and work in Oregon. I’m also the biggest nerd you know. I work my ass off, more than a lot of people can believe. When people ask how I do it, I just tell them about my wife and kids—three of them. When you’ve got people depending on you, it makes it a lot easier to get your butt in the chair and write, to get your feet on the set and get shooting. If I don’t sell books, my family doesn’t eat. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why I laugh when people say you can’t have a family and a career. I wouldn’t have a career without my family. If you’re trying to turn your day job into an artistic one, and people say you can’t, throw it back in their face. Let your family and your fire fuel you to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.


For years I tried to break into the mainstream film industry. If you’ve ever tried that, you know just how hard it is. I directed a few shorts, but I never managed to schmooze the right person at the right party to get any further than that.

Eventually I got fed up with the Hollywood game. I knew that my stories were, if not awesome, at least decent—and a heck of a lot better than what the industry tends to churn out these days. All they seemed interested in were sequels, reboots and adaptations, but I didn’t have any way to provide them with that.

Nightblade, the #1 Amazon Bestseller by Garrett RobinsonThat’s when I decided to take my stories public. I wrote my first novel, Touch, in December of 2012, based on a short film script I’d written and directed almost two years earlier. Then followed Non Zombie, Hit Girls and my first co-authored project, The Ninjabread Man. My co-author and I then immediately started another series, the Realm Keepers, which was a blowout hit. I later started the Nightblade series of fantasy novels, and in the middle of it all I completed my first literary fiction novel Rebel Yell. I’ve since published The Academy Journals, another fantasy series set in the world of Underrealm, with more series coming soon.

And guess what? People really liked my books. Now I average over 4.5 star reviews across all my books, and I write full-time. And as soon as you guys like one of my books enough, I’m going to take it back to the place where I come from, which will always be my first love: film.

If you want to check out my work, you can read my #1 Amazon bestselling novel Nightblade for free. Just click this link. It’s the best way to try my work.


Here are all the things I do:

  • I write.
  • I market and sell my books and films.
  • I make YouTube videos.
  • I direct films whenever I can.
  • I spend time with my family.

This website is where I try to tell you about all of it at once. Granted, there’s some overflow, because with all I’m doing, I don’t always have time to blog. That’s why I recommend you check out my Twitter to get every moment of behind-the-scenes action, and sign up for my email list.

Brick and MortarAlong the way I started up a YouTube channel and the We Make Movies Film Geeks Podcast. If you like my books or my blog, you’ll love both of those shows.

Also along the way, I learned a LOT about how to do a bunch of different things you need to do as an independent artist (whether in film or writing books). Whenever I can, I compile big how-to’s and tutorials about what I’ve learned. Hopefully those will help other aspiring authors and directors to achieve the same (admittedly meager) levels of success that I’ve had.

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If you want to contact me directly, I’m always extremely pleased to hear from those who enjoy my books, films or podcasts. You can shoot me an email using the below form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.