VLOG: A Review of Nightblade

VLOG: A Review of Nightblade

Hello Rebels, and welcome back to my life.

So in case you saw the title of this video and you were like, “Wait…what?” No, this is not me reviewing Nightblade, which is my own book.

No, someone else reviewed Nightblade. Which is really, really cool! I’m super, super excited about it!

Recently I reached out to a bunch of BookTubers—and in case you don’t know, BookTubers are YouTubers who talk about, read and review books.

You probably got that from the name, but yeah.

So I reached out to a bunch of BookTubers that I watch, and I offered them a free copy of Nightblade in exchange for a review, and quite a few of them said yes. Yay!

So a couple of weeks ago, one of these channels, WhittyNovels, was the first person who I sent the book, who filmed her review of it and posted it to her YouTube channel.

Okay, first off, seeing your book held up and reviewed on a BookTube channel, that you already watch and are a fan of, is like a total squeee moment.

BTW, in case you haven’t gotten the hint yet, that video in the corner is the review, and the link is also in the description. Please click on it and go watch it, WhittyNovels is great and if you like books, you should watch her.

I found Whitney’s comments on the book insightful and intelligent and very, very much appreciated.

She kind of went on and on about the quality of the writing. She really really liked it. She especially liked the dialogue and had a lot of really nice things to say about it.

Quite a lot of blushing occurred, I’m not going to lie. I was…it was nice. I’m already a bit of a narcissist, so, you know. I enjoy that kind of thing.

And on the whole she really enjoyed the book. She called it a really enjoyable fantasy and gave it three out of five stars.

Now, if you’re used to Amazon’s review system, you might not think that’s very good, because Amazon reviewers tend to be a bit…generous, shall we say, with their stars.

On Amazon, reviewers are kind of like, “Yeah, you know, it was kind of good. Definitely not the worst thing I’ve read in the genre. Five stars!”

Which is great! I like that. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. It feeds my big ol’ ego. Big fan of that.

But on Goodreads and BookTube and, you, know, almost any other book review site, three stars is a good, solid rating that means you quite enjoyed the work.

Now, when my wife saw the review, she was kind of upset because Whitney said how she didn’t like the way the plot progressed in the first book. She felt like it meandered a bit and wasn’t tightly driven toward a single goal from the beginning.

And while I appreciate my wife—always stickin’ up for me, Meghan is—I really appreciated Whitney’s words.

Not because the criticism makes me want to “fix” something in my book, but because as a BookTuber, Whitney informs her readers about the books she reads. And that is NEVER a bad thing.

If someone doesn’t like a slower plot, I WANT them to know that that’s the kind of book Nightblade is. If they DON’T know that, and they get it and read it anyway, what’s going to happen?

They’re not going to like it, and they’re going to leave a bad review. I, obviously, do not want that.

So while yes, while it would have been great if Whitney had enjoyed the pace and direction of the plot more, and thus enjoyed the book more, the MOST important thing is that she told her readers everything about the book, honestly and completely.

And that’s 18,000 subscribers who get to see the book who never would have heard about it before.

So thank you Whitney, and to my Rebels, please go check out her channel in the description and give her a look. She’s well worth it.

That’s it for today’s exciting update, Rebels, thanks as always for watching, and I will see you tomorrow. Maybe. Byyye.


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