A Message to White Conservative Second Amendment Supporters

A Message to White Conservative Second Amendment Supporters

Hello Rebel, and welcome back to my life. If you’re not one of my regular viewers, my name is Garrett Robinson, I write books and make YouTube videos, and I just wanted to say a quick word to the diehard supporters of the Second Amendment: what the fuck are you doing?

Now is the point in the video where I’d normally explain that I’m talking about the recent incident in Las Vegas where a gunman killed over fifty people and wounded hundreds more, but you know what? I might not even be talking about that any more, because another mass shooting has already happened.

Oh, it might not be in the news, because only four people died. Or six. Or ten. Instead of fifty. But in fact, I KNOW another mass shooting has already happened, because on average, more than one takes place in America EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But it’s just gotten to the point where it only makes the news cycle if it’s some incredibly high new bar, like we’re all playing the most horrific and inhuman sport ever invented and Bob Costas is telling us we’ve just reached a new world record.

Garrett Robinson

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