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The Nightblade Epic First Trilogy Box Set, by Garrett Robinson


The #1 Bestselling Fantasy Series

A transporting tale of adventure in the mystical land of Underrealm. This box set contains the first three books of the Nightblade Epic for one low price.

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#1 Fantasy Bestseller Nightblade, by Garrett Robinson


The first step in an epic adventure.

Loren flees her parents to become an infamous thief, but quickly finds that a wizard can be far more dangerous than the king’s law.

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#1 Fantasy Bestseller Mystic, by Garrett Robinson


Hunted by friends. Courted by foes.

Loren finds herself pursued by not only the family Yerrin, but by an ancient and mysterious order of Mystics who know far too much about her.

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#1 Fantasy Bestseller Darkfire, by Garrett Robinson


A wizard on a path to darkness.

Xain’s madness has made fugitives of Loren and her friends. Together they must escape the king’s law long enough to stop a growing darkness in the mountains.

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Shadeborn, Book Four of the #1 Fantasy Bestselling Series Nightblade Epic, by Garrett Robinson


The price of wisdom is always high.

Reeling from a tragic loss, Loren must find the strength to go on—for if Underrealm does not learn of the Shades, war will soon burn the nine lands.

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Midrealm, by Garrett Robinson and Z.C. Bolger


Kids in our world. Heroes in another.

Six high schoolers travel to another world whenever they sleep, where they find themselves with magical powers and a quest to save a kingdom.

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Wyrmspire, by Garrett Robinson and Z.C. Bolger


Athorn lies behind. Dragons lie ahead.

With the armies of Chaos poised on the brink of victory, the Realm Keepers must travel to the fabled peak of Wyrmspire to seek the help of the dragons.

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Rebel Yell, by Garrett Robinson


The struggle to be heard in a world of noise.

Steve Caverly has long dreamed of playing sold-out concerts. When he gets a dream job working with rock goddess Hailey Savage, he’ll find art comes at a price.

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Garrett Robinson, Bestselling Author of Fantasy and Science FictionGarrett Robinson is an independent author and entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of the modern indie writer. Today’s up-and-coming authors don’t make a name for themselves in the hallowed halls of the traditional publishing industry, and they certainly don’t gain fandom by putting out a book every couple of years.

Garrett entered the self-publishing world with a bang, releasing his debut novel to thousands of downloads and numerous favorable reviews. Since then he’s been described as “one of the hardest-working guys out there” (Sean Platt, co-author of The Beam) prompting David W. Wright (co-author of Yesterday’s Gone) to say, “Mark my words, Garrett WILL be a name you know.”

After publishing his first work in December of 2012, Garrett has published more than twenty-five titles in 2013. While he writes mostly in science fiction and fantasy (Touch: Trilogy, The Nightblade Volumes), Garrett has also delved into thrillers (Hit Girls) and has a literary fiction novel (Rebel Yell).

Garrett has had to learn every step of self-publishing on his own. He has used his experiences to trailblaze the way for others, creating valuable technical tutorials for indie authors. And (because he’s not a douche) he doesn’t even charge for them! His blog tutorials have been hailed by such indie author giants as C.J. Lyons and Joanna Penn.

Garrett lives in Los Angeles with his wife Meghan, children Dawn, Luke and Desmond, and his dog Chewbacca.


Garrett posts daily content on his blog, from useful writing tips and advice for self-publishers, to his two weekly podcasts and gaming shows, to his YouTube vlogs and other online videos. He also invites guest blog posts from other experts in his field.

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